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A new series of Therapeutic Workshops with Mandalas and Expressive Dance!

Elemental Mandalas: Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether

4 Workshops in September- December, 2019 @ ”White Mahakala” Buddhist Center, Cluj-Napoca

We are happy to announce you that we are starting a new series of Therapeutic Workshops in which we will use Mandala Drawing and Expressive Dance as instruments and methods to explore our inner worlds.

ELEMENTAL MANDALAS - A therapeutic exploration with mandalas and expressive dance

The elements are the basis of Creation, they exist both within us and outside us. In this series of 4 therapeutic workshops, we will explore the connection between the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) and the relation that we have with each one of them.


Each workshop is self-contained, but for a complete experience we encourage you to attend all four meetings that will take place from September to December 2019.

14.09.2019 Workshop 1: EARTH. ”From Fear -> to TRUST, SAFETY, STABILITY!”

12.10.2019 Workshop 2: WATER. ”The emotional turmoil and finding the anchor ”

02.11.2019 Workshop 3: FIRE

14.12.2019 Workshop 4: AIR & ETHER

What the workshop will offer you?

- A safe space where you can explore your relationship with a series of emotions that correspond to the primordial elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether;

- A meditation of introspection and relaxation;

- The opportunity to connect with your body through a series of dance and movement therapy exercises;

- Exploring every element through intuitive drawing of mandalas; each participant will create its own mandala.

No previous experience in movement or drawing is required. The purpose of these activities is not an aesthetic one, but a therapeutic one!

We invite you to join us in this amazing therapeutic journey, an opportunity to explore your inner world, that parts of yourself that need to be seen, need light in their darkness and want to express themselves.

We invite you to spend some time with yourself, to relax, to color, to dance, to meditate, to feel free and safe, to meet beautiful people that share the same interest and values with you, to be the way you are, to get to know you better and to give yourself the love you deserve, to heal and to obtain new perspectives that will help you shine, will help you grow and live at your maximum potential, to live free and in peace, to live the way you want and to help this world to be a better place!

Or better...just join us, and you will tell us how it was your experience, your MANDALA!

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