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Great experience @ MOX 2018 !!

12-15 July 2018

Workshop & Expo

This summer we chose the mountains!

Four full days out in nature, at one of the most authentic festivals, Music Outdoor Experience - MOX 2018.

”Create your own Mandala” Workshop

For those who love spending time out, good music and creative activities, this event was exactly what they needeed. We happily attended to it!

Our ”Create your own Mandala” Workshop was very appreciated and frecvented by a lot of beautiful people wishful to create an unique keepsake from this festival. They freely painted their own mandala on a wooden disc, surprising us more and more with their ingenious outcomes.

MOX Mandalas

During this days people have walked through our MandalaTales Expo and enjoyed the colorful exihibition. They were lying in the hammoks, reading their stories, collecting stickers and also had the opportunity to see some of our original paintings.

Watch the video below and taste the energy!

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