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Mandala Tales Exihibtion - Charity Night at ”White Mahakala” Buddhist Center

Piano Recital and Painting Exhibition in Cluj-Napoca, 22 Dec. 2017

This year, for Christmas, we participated at the first charity event hold by ”White Mahakala” Buddhist Center, in Cluj-Napoca.

The main goal for this event was a fundraisig in order to sustain the development of the ”newborn” center. Artists came and offered their artworks for selling and auction. Also, a beautiful piano recital was played for the audience and everybody was invited to have a cup of tea and taste some cookies, while enjoing a good company.

We were happy to support the Buddhist Center too, so we displayed several mandalas there. People was excited to see them and to find out their stories. The lucky ones choosed their favourite in exchange for a donation to the center.

Another succesfull event for us, and all around us! Good job!

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