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Mandala Workshop! Enter the Universe of Mandalas and learn more about Buddhist Mandala!


Location: Buddhist Center "White Mahakala" Cluj-Napoca, str. Tipografiei, nr. 18

Andrada-Diana Neamt & Simina-Alexandra Neamt

We are happy to start a new project with mandalas!

We created three workshops for understanding and creating mandalas, in collaboration with the Buddhist Center "White Mahakala", Cluj-Napoca. This workshops are part of a bigger found raising project, "Stupa & Retreat Center" project, which intends to create a space in the nature where people interested in buddhist teachings can participate at courses, camps and seminars in the field of spiritual education.

In the first meeting we will discover the amazing universe of mandalas, what are they, different types and purposes for mandalas and how they were used during the history. Then, we will focus more on the buddhist mandala, how to "read" it, and how to create your own personalized one. You will have the opportunity to build and draw your own mandala!

So, come and join us! Be part of this journey of exploration, learning and creativity!

More details about the workshop and how to subscribe here:

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